Ara Erdekian

Ara Erdekian
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I have lived full time as a property owner on the Ranch for 16 years. In that time my wife and I have had two children and watched the Ranch grow into what it is today. I love the Ranch, the residents, and the friendships we have made over the years. After volunteering for different groups on the Ranch, I would like to help by working on the Board of Directors. My wife is an event coordinator and the Market Manager for the Redmond and Madras Farmers Markets. I am a full-time carpenter (house framer). Our children attend school in Redmond and participate in local sports programs.

My favorite Ranch activities include our yearly Ranch Yard Sale, the HOA pool in the summer and hikes along the Deschutes near Steelhead Falls and Scout Camp Trail. I have an enormous gratitude for everything the Ranch has afforded my family and I would like to give something back that has a meaningful, positive outcome. I look forward to many more years of growth and teamwork to keep Crooked River Ranch in all our hearts.