Julia Randall

Julia Randall
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Originally from Arizona, I moved to Oregon from Florida to fulfill my dream of building a cabin in the woods. Found my beautiful view lot in Crooked River Ranch in 1991 and changed my plans to instead build a custom home on the high desert. Over the years, people have come to know me by the various different hats I’ve worn. During the 90’s, I was often one of the first people to welcome new residents when I was an Escrow Officer/Supervisor with Jefferson County Title. During the 2000’s, people referred to me as the “Store Lady” while I was an owner/manager of The Trading Post. During that time, I started coordinating two parades a year on the Ranch, which was just another way for people to get to know me. After spending a few years as a full-time mom, I went to work for the US Census Bureau. I supervised all data collection in Eastern Oregon for surveys that include the Consumer Index, Unemployment Rate, health issues for the CDC, crime rates, education issues for the Federal Department of Education along with less known topics of study such as trends in health insurance and retirement planning.

Now that I am back in real estate and have a much more flexible schedule, I am ready to go back to being an active member of my community. I am currently a Lions Club member and feel I will be a positive addition to our Board of Directors. I have many years of experience with being a good listener, active advocate, understanding different types of accounting practices, peaceful negotiation and have held various leadership roles. I have watched the Ranch evolve from being recreational property to being a highly sought-after residential community in Central Oregon and wish to participate in its growth.